How it works

Thanks to BCPOD and its intuitive app, it has never been easier to find a secure parking space for your bicycle:

  1. Sign in or register
  2. Search for a free parking space on the map
  3. Book it
  4. Go to your parking Pod and open it
  5. Deposit your vehicle and any other equipment
  6. Close the Pod and leave, worry-free

When you want to pick up your vehicle:

  1. Open your BCPOD
  2. Collect your vehicle and any other object you stored inside.
  3. Close the Pod and disable the meter session
  4. Check your remaining balance

You can finally feel free to bring your bike with you wherever you go, without worrying too much.

BCPOD means safety and reliability:

  • It protects your bike from thefts and acts of vandalism
  • Insurance coverage in the event of theft and vandalism (optional)

It acts as a shelter for your bike, helmet, bags and clothing from bad weather